Turn off fancybox for mobile version of website?


I have build a great responsive landingpage, with a pop-up (fancybox javascript) to fill in the form. However, I do not like the fancybox on mobile, because it becomes too small for users. Rather, I’d redirect the mobile users just to a new browserwindow.

Is there a way to turn of fancybox pop-up for mobile but leave it working for the mobile version?



Would be interested in this as well. Have had to change my CTA buttons on landing pages to images so mobile users are directed to a new browser window.



Hi Colin,

You can’t turn off fancybox on just one view (a Mobile Responsive page is technically a single page with the content rearranged depending on what browser the visitor is using).

That said, you can leave fancybox running, and then create a second button for your mobile page that pops the form up in a new browser window instead. You can hide elements on either mobile or desktop in cases like this, so you can just hide the current button on the mobile side and hide that new button on the desktop side.

Here’s a quick video showing what I mean and showing how to hide elements from the Page Elements sidebar.


Absolutely awesome! Thank you so much!