Trying to track multiple external ads through the funnel 1 landing page set


So, I have ads on a single site, that lead to a single set of landing pages (A/B set, plus mobile). The ads that lead to my page include text ads (A/B test) and graphic ads (A/B/C/ test). What I need is a way to connect which ad people brought people in, and then track that through to conversions.

It’s certainly possible for an ad to generate inbound fewer clicks but more conversions, for instance, and that’s a really important thing to know when planning ads.

Creating multiple landing pages, 1 for each ad (mobile, and then an A/B set), is a prohibitive amount of work given iterative changes to the pages as we learn new things.

I’m wondering if Unbouce offers an easier way. Searching the community got me 5 year-old posts - is this possible now? How?


Hi Joe. Actually there is a really simple way to do this. Create a hidden field on your landing page. You can call this field anything you want. In my attached example I have used “utm_content” as the field name.

Now you can add a parameter to your ads that will pass into this field and be recorded with the lead in Unbounce. E.g. You can add as many hidden fields as you need in order to track your various parameters.

Will this help you achieve what you are looking to do?


I think so, and it is truly simple. Many thanks.

Will have to coordinate with the site(s) I’m advertising on, so their ad-serving software does something like this.


All you need to do really is make sure that you provide them with unique links per ad.