Trying to see specific on page conversions


I have three links on my landing page, and have set them up as conversions to track. I see a report that tells me how many conversions I have, but there is no indication of which links are being clicked more or less.


Hey there Arik! Great question!  Currently you can set and track multiple conversion goals in the Unbounce Page Builder. They will all count towards your total conversions counter, but we don’t yet have the reporting to let you separate the conversion stats, or differentiate the clicks on the links. It’s generally better to only have one conversion goal but we certainly do recognize the importance of secondary calls to action, as well as the ability to track button clicks and links. It’s on the list of improvements for the future. 

In the meantime, if you’re looking to track multiple links and buttons on your page - I’d definitely recommend integrating with a more robust analytics tool such as Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics, you can track button clicks and form submissions as Events. This handy support article while walk you through exactly how to set this up:

I hope this helps, Arik! If you have another other questions, definitely give us a shout at

All the best,