"Treat As Mobile Page" - what does it do?


The latest release (6.11.13, I think) added a new checkbox to the page editor, “Treat as mobile page”

What does this do? Is it just to add the CSS viewport stuff, or are there other changes?


Thanks for clarifying. I figured that was it, but I could see how the checkbox might be confusing for some. It could be interpreted as “make this a mobile landing page” which is not entirely accurate. Maybe a tooltip could help explain the effects?


Totally agreed. We’re going to be re-evaluating this and making the label less misleading (along with a tooltip like you say.) Thanks for the feedback Andrew!


Ok Ryan, so this means the zoom script previously present on mobile pages is no longer needed?


Hey Finge - If you’ve already added the viewport metadata then you can leave your pages as they are. Going forward, you can just check this box instead of having to copy/paste the viewport metadata in.




Hey Andrew - good catch

“Treat as Mobile” automatically adds some mobile specific metadata to the page:

This makes sure the page stretches to the mobile device’s width and that it’s zoomed appropriately.

We’re putting together a proper article to explain this feature but in the mean time, I hope this helps.