Traffic Meter Issues


Hello everyone. Over the past several weeks we’ve been performing a series of operations behind the scenes in order to smoothly accommodate increases in system activity (we’re growing quickly, thanks to all of you!). All of this work has proceeded with the utmost care, and is always designed to go largely unnoticed and without downtime. Unfortunately, we did experience one issue recently that’s related to this work, in that your traffic meters stopped updating twice for several days at a time.

Your individual page statistics, however, have continued to update and display correctly.

We’ve fixed the issue earlier this morning, but as a result you may have noticed that your traffic meter shows a sudden increase as it now incorporates the last several days of traffic. Please accept our apologies for any confusion!


Hey Carl,

As a result, my account is now over it’s limit. Are you able to give everyone a few days grace to upgrade?



Hi James,

Yes, don’t worry about a thing, our very customer-friendly policies still apply:…

Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my original post!