Tracking video playback


how do I set youtube video playback as conversion goal?


Hi Bert,
We don’t yet have “video playback” as a conversion goal (we’ll add it to the list) but one service that you might want to look into is - they integrate their video players with your google analytics account so you can get metrics on playback and specifically: (from this page)

* How many viewers
* When the video is viewed
* Where the video is viewed
* How much of the video is played

Hope that helps!



Hi Bert,

The other possibility is if you’re handy with Javascript (or have access to someone who is), you could use the YouTube JavaScript Player API, and just make a request to [your_page_url]/clkg/[any_valid_dummy_url] to signal the conversion goal. Our system would then record the conversion (we look for the “clkg” and if we find the appropriate cookies, that triggers the conversion).

Sorry we don’t have a nice, slick method of doing this yet. We definitely want to add specific support for this in the future…