Tracking Twilio phone conversions within Unbounce


My PPC management tool, Goaliath, tracks each Twilio call on an outside platform. I embed the tracking phone number on the page and use the tel: url trick to capture mobile conversions, however, I’m at a loss on how to capture desktop phone conversions. I can’t see the true success of my unbounce page conversions because desktop calls aren’t accounted for. 

Is there a way to make an Unbounce conversion fire when the Twilio number is dialed? 

If there’s not an easy way to integrate a Twilio API into the variant, is there a way to trigger adding an Unbounce conversion when an outside action happens?

This is more of a feature that I want than a true problem, but I currently can not use Unbounce stats for my clients, because calls outnumber form conversions 9 to 1. 



Hey Stuart - we’re in the midst of an upgrade to our API and even our current one allows you to write conversions into your account.

That said, I took a look at Twilio’s API docs. They may be able to correct me, but from what I could find when reading through the docs they had online, it doesn’t look like you can configure Twilio to push an event out via their API when someone calls one of your Twilio numbers, which means there wouldn’t be an event that you could monitor for and then write the conversion back into Unbounce.


Hi Quinn, 

What would I need to get from Twilio to write conversions into my account? I can work with my Twilio developer to see what they would need to create, but want to know what I should be asking for. Can you give me some insight into what I would need to do?

Have external phone calls ever been tracked as conversions? If so, what was done there?




Hi Stuart - Twilio will just have to fire some kind of notification when there’s a phone conversion. You’d need a handler to grab that and push it into our API, but the first step would be to confirm whether Twilio can make that push notification somehow.

I haven’t come across anyone whose tracked phone calls as an Unbounce conversion. It’s possible that someone’s figured something out and done it without us knowing, but the only way I can think of doing it is via the API, so we’d probably be aware of it if it’s happened since we have to grant API access on an account by account basis.