Tracking Form Submissions with GTM

In Google Tag Manager, our conversion tags are triggered by a visit to the form confirmation page.

Unfortunately, we are having a problem with display advertising fraud. I suspect bot networks are simply launching our thank-you page – without filling out the form – and triggering our conversion tags.

How can I create a trigger that only fires the form is successfully submitted using Google Tag Manager?

The native GTM integration appears to fire this kind of event:

The native integration via Script Manager will automatically place the GTM code on your pages. This will not automatically send the form submission event to GTM, but will allow you to set up a listener within GTM to capture the form submit data layer.

Hi Phillip,
If you added GTM though the domain scripts in Unbounce there should be an event that’s fired upon a successful form submission labeled as “gtm.formSubmit”. With this event you can trigger any conversions (instead of using a url based conversion).

In GTM you’ll want to:

  1. Create a new trigger
  2. Set this trigger as a custom event
  3. Event name is “gtm.formSubmit”
  4. You can leave “This trigger fires on… All Custom Events” (unless you want to add conditions)
  5. For your conversion tags in GTM, set the trigger you just made

And remember, you can use the GTM Preview button to have a debug window to test and see what tags and triggers are firing. Any changes you make in GTM while in preview mode need to be saved to update. Just click the “Refresh” button in GTM when preview mode is enabled.

If you have any questions, let me know!
Marc at ParaCore

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Thanks Marc!

I do have GTM added through Unbounce’s domain scripts integration.

gtm.formSubmit does not fire when I submit the form.

When I add the “Form Submission” trigger, gtm.formSubmit fires on page load, NOT when the form is submitted.


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Okay, taking a look now. A couple questions for you:

  1. Are you testing a successful form submission?
  2. Are you checking the debug window before the redirect to the thank-you page happens? It will only show on the landing page, but will go away when it redirects you to the thank-you page.
  3. I may have not been clear! Do not use the built in “Form Submission” trigger in GTM. This is a general form listener. You will want to create a trigger using “Custom Event”.
  4. Are you using the native form functionality of unbounce? (Or is it a hubspot form, marketo, or some other service?)

I did a test with our unbounce account to make sure the gtm.formSubmit still fires when using a redirect and it shows up for me! The screenshot below is a dummy page I made to test:

Edit: Maybe looking at our example might help you. Here’s the landing page link, alongside the GTM preview link. I recommend using incognito to prevent cookies from conflicting from your current testing.

You should be able to see after the form submission that the gtm.formSubmit event fires, and that the “Unbounce Form Submission” trigger is fired.


Awesome! Thanks so much Marc. I think I got it!


Great Phillip! Glad to hear :smile:

I just found out my problem as to why this solution wasn’t working for me, the problem: I had manually installed GTM, not used the integration from Unbounce. Once I did that, voila!

Hi Marc,

I did everything the way you described it but for some reasons, the gtm.formSubmit event is triggered directly after the page load. I did not use the builtin “Form Submission” trigger but created a custom event with event name “gtm.formSubmit” instead. Do you have any idea how to fire the event only on a (successful) form submission?


Hi Dombur,
That’s odd because the gtm.formSubmit event fires on a successful submission only. We still use this implementation and nothing has changed for us.

If you are using a preview container (not published) and testing with the GTM Debugger make sure you are hitting the “refresh” button in GTM otherwise the preview container will not have the latest updates.

As kevinhayes mentioned above, did you use the built-in GTM integration by just adding your container ID?

Does this work even if you do not redirect to another page? We just have the pop up ‘Thank You’ message on submission.

Actually, let me add a little more detail. We want to track Unbounce form submissions that do not redirect to a thank you page on submission but use this pop up ‘Thank You’ message. I set up the trigger per the directions here but I am not really sure what tag to apply that to or how to configure a new tag. I could use some help setting up the tag if this solution works with this type of form submission(no redirect)


Have you managed your form submission tracking (with popup instead of thank-you page) via GTM?
I faced same issue as you

That’s part of what I am trying to figure out. Unfortunately, Unbounce doesn’t provide support for GTM.

Unbounce does provide support for GTM and you can track it with a popup instead of a thank you page. The comments above outline how to do so. However, there is a bug right now with unbounce where they changed their native integration for GTM which does not fire the gtm.formSubmit issue anymore. I’ve submitted this to the technical to be fixed. I haven’t received word of it being fixed yet.

I was actually saying their tech support doesn’t support getting GTM set up properly. I’ve asked and they say they can’t help. Maybe it is just me or I am asking the wrong questions.

Ah, I see. I misunderstood. Yea I don’t think they will walk you through necessarily. They do have an article about GTM though

The article though doesn’t say the event and how to implement it, but that’s what I covered in this post (#2) Tracking Form Submissions with GTM

Oh good, I’m glad I’m not crazy. I have a page that I use for testing and noticed that the gtm.formSubmit event fires on that page, but not the one I use for actual lead gen :upside_down_face:. As far as I can tell, the two pages are identical and use identical scripts, so I’m not sure what the issue is. I submitted a support request but haven’t heard anything yet.

Yea if you actually compare their old script to the new one you can actually see that an entire block was removed where the “gtm.formSubmit” used to be. I still haven’t received any response on this being fixed.

New Script

Old Script

just double checked the GTM script on my pages. both are identical and match the new script you posted.
One page fires the formSubmit event:

One page does not:

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Odd, I wonder why that is then if it’s the exact same script on both pages.

The only thing I can think of is that the error is somehow related to page age along with the removal of the jQuery dependency. My testing page (where the formSubmit event fires) is older than the other page (where the formSubmit event doesn’t fire and was created after the jQuery dependency was removed).
As a post script: both pages have the checkbox for jQuery checked on the script manager.

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