Tracking eCommerce campaign results that never enter the website


We’ve convinced a client to test landing pages to increase conversions (sales). We’ve set up GA in the script manager and pasted the external conversion tracking pixel on the purchase confirmation page only to learn it won’t work due to different domains ( landing page over to shopify transaction page).  There must be a workaround…anybody??  And how do you track campiagn performance if the customer never actually enters the clients primary website (ie, they go from ad - unbounce page - shopify)? If I set up UTM tracking in the ad link, where will I see that information (how does it get passed through to google analytics)?  


Hi Laura,

Looks like you have a couple different problems. First is the glaring problem of different domain tracking. And yes, you’re right. There are workarounds. 

This is called Cross Domain Tracking. There’s plenty of resources that will get you worked out. It’s pretty easy. Instead of me having to re-type everything especially considering you didn’t list out some details, here’s an old blog post I used long time ago to get me fixed up with the same problem you’re facing.

Second is the thing about UTM tracking. The Google Analytics script that you mentioned you placed throughout your website is the one doing the job of taking the UTM tags you set up in the ad link and sending it to Google Analytics. If you want to see these UTM tags in GA (Google Analytics), you’ll need to go to Acquisition -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns. There’s other routes you can take to arrive here, but for simplicity sake - this is the best route to take. 

Once there, you’ll see Campaigns listed. These correspond to utm_campaign. And here are the following Secondary Dimensions:

Source: utm_source
Medium: utm_medium
Keyword: utm_term
Ad Content: utm_content

Hope this helps.