Time Tracking Google Analytics Unbounce



I added my Google analytics Website Tracking ID to the script manager.
Will it track the time on site of my users if they visit only a single page & bounce?
In order to track the time for single pages visits I found the below code; can you confirm it is correct? 

Is it added by default on unbounce? 
I added it in a separate script named “Google analytics Time tracking” in my site script manager; Could you tell me if it’s the smartest idea?

As a feature suggestion: I would suggest a tick box in the Google Analytics script manager to enable time tracking except if it’s included already ;) 

All the best,


Hi Ever,

Welcome to unbounce! The Google Analytics script will automatically time spent on your page.

You can view time spent on each page in Google Analytics by clicking on:
Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages

Let me know if that helps!

Stefano Apostolakos