The requested URL /form_submissions/create/ was not found on this server



i’m trying to make our landing page ( but email form doesnt work correctly.

When i submit the form. it’s going to this address;…

and nothing happens.

What could it be? and do you have a solution for that?

Best Regards,


Hey Mehmet - I’ve tracked down your page and confirmed there is an issue with the form. I’ve opened a support ticket for you to dig into the issue and will follow-up once I’ve got a bit more info.


…I already followed up through the support ticket but wanted to let you know that the issue on that page has been resolved. You should be all set.


Hi Ryan! I believe I am experiencing a similar issue to Mehmet. 

On landing pages where I use a lightbox to call a pop-up form, I can’t figure out why I’m getting the error message for the form confirmation (see screenshot). The error does not prevent the lead info from being sent to mailchimp (Welcome Email is still sent out successfully). Please help me fix this unsightly error. 


Hey Andrew - Your issue doesn’t appear to be directly related to what the original poster encountered.

That said, I see you also sent us a support ticket. I’m digging into it now. I may have a few questions for you so lookout for my reply