The option: "Post Form Data to a URL" is not working with Internet Explorer!


I created my landing page, published it, and did some tests. When I am on Firefox and Chrome, I can fill up the form and receive the data with no problem.

When I am filling up the form with internet explorer I got an error message popping up saying: “We’re sorry the form could not be submitted because something went wrong. Please try again.”

Here is one of the landing page for which it is not working:
Open it via Internet Explorer, fill up the form and you will see the error message I am talking about.

This is a big and serious problem… Thanks for your help!


Hi Celine - thanks for getting in touch.

I see here that you have submitted a support request as well. I will go ahead and assist you with troubleshooting via that support ticket so that I can look into the issue with our team and let you know regarding any fixes or workarounds to fix this functionality for your page.

I’m very sorry for the issue you are experiencing and thank you for your patience at this time.

Please let me know if there is any additional information you would be able to provide regarding this issue and I will be able to investigate into it as well.

Jacquelyn | Unbounce Customer Success


Thank you Jacquelyn for getting back to me, I can t wait to hear back from you!


Here is a screen shot of the error message. I used Internet Explorer 8.

Thanks again for your time! I really really appreciate this!