The Landing Page Sessions - Optimization Videos Worth Watching!


Hey Unbouncers,

You may have received an email in your inbox today promoting Unbounce’s “The Landing Page Sessions” video series.  Easy to let the email slip into the inbox abyss, but the Landing Page Sessions is a video series worth watching! 

Great insight into how Oli and CRO pros analyze a landing page and identify points for improvement.

Check it out here!

Tip of the cap,



I received this, and just started watching. Why do you need my email AGAIN to watch the whole thing? Unbounce sent it to me… #badexperience 


Hey Simon,

I don’t work for Unbounce, but I understand what you felt.  

The form you saw is called a turnstile and it can be placed within a Wistia video to generate leads in place of a form.  

It’s a bit of a dilemma.  As a content consumer, you want the highest quality content from the likes of Oli, but you don’t want to be “tracked”.  I get it…

Would you have felt as uncomfortable if the turnstile appeared later in the video after you have already gleaned some serious knowledge from it?

Hopefully you find the value to be a good trade off :slight_smile:




Hey Simon!

Just to clarify, Joe shared this with the Community as there’s quite a few marketers in here who might not be on the email list. There’s not an easy way for us to segment out the email turnstile just yet, but I’m going to pass this feedback on to my marketing team so they’re aware of it. Thanks for the feedback!


I watched all three of these today. I really enjoyed them and they gave me some idea’s to improve my clients landing pages.

I also found the email funnel a bit strange though, I got one from Ryan telling me about it, then when I signed up (again) another from Stephanie, then another from Joel. All automated. I don’t mind though, the videos were really good! Looking forward to the next ones. 



Thanks for sharing, Joe! We’ve been building up excitement for this at Unbounce HQ, super happy that it’s actually launched now. It’s going to be great!