Testing Landing page VS my homepage


I Made my first landing page here and i would like to test it 50/50 vs my homapge. how can it be done via unbounce?


Hi Itay - It would be possible to test an Unbounce page vs. a non-Unbounce page using a service like Optimizely. But, despite it being technically possible, it would be difficult to set up a test like that where you’re getting really meaningful results.

Even if you split ad traffic between your homepage and a landing page, the homepage is likely going to get quite a bit of organic traffic as well. You can certainly test two pages that are getting different amounts of traffic, but if you’re measuring a fairly specific call-to-action, the different types of traffic will likely skew the results. Your ad-traffic is likely already going to have a better chance of converting (since they’ve already sort of prequalifed themselves by committing to your ad CTA).


You can also do it for free with Google Analytics Experiments. 


Actually this is a great idea.






  1. Open Google analytics, go to the “Behavior” tab and select experiments

  2. Create experiment (AB testing) and set goal (Usually goals are the thank you page when comparing vs unbounce landing pages. To set a thank you page as a goal  click on create a new objective > Custom > name goal and select destination > type thank you url or final destination) 

  3. Insert homepage url and unbounce landing page url 

  4. Paste the experiment code on your homepage and on unbounce landing page

  5. Run experiment. You can always edit these settings to change traffic % , add or change more variants.   

  6. Make sure your unbounce landing page traffic is 100%  or you will have a test inception; a test within a test. 


This is fantastic, Kenji - thanks for sharing this process. If your client is used to seeing x conversion rate, A/B testing against a targeted landing page could be a great way to convince them that landing pages are really where it’s at. 

There’s a few important things to keep in mind when testing a landing page versus your home page, though. For one, you’ll absolutely want to make sure you’re sending qualified traffic for your specific campaigns (ex. PPC) and not organic traffic. The second is that you’ll want to make sure you’re setting up the test for a specific goal/action, and not basing the conversion on any ol’ click on the site.