Suggestion: Publish History "Comment Box" on Publish/Republish


In the publish workflow, my suggestion is to have an intermediary step that collects data to a change history when publishing a page. This would record the user, date, and a contents of a comment box that the page editor would put in notes as to what the changes were that were done on that Publish. This would help both identify not only when certain modification were done, but also if someone inadvertently “breaks” something, there is a trail that can be followed to find out what it was that broke it. (i.e. JavaScript, etc.). Likewise, anytime the web hook is modified, that should also have the same history-recording functionality.


That’s a great idea Chris! A year or so ago we actually did the work to start recording an “audit log” of all actions when you change or update something. It’s proved helpful to our support team for troubleshooting a number of times, but our ultimate goal was to open up that history to other users in an account like you suggest.

It’s not as high on our priority list as some other features at the moment, but it’s getting up there as the adoption of multi-user features increases. Asking for a “what are you changing?” comment at the critical points like publishing (and webhooks is a great example) would make that history log all the more useful though. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi Chris, 

this might not be exactly like what you requested for. But, we’re currently in the research & design phase on making the republish experience quicker and easier from within the builder.
That being said,  getting some feedback from you will be really valuable for us at this stage. So, please hop on to this thread for the details.

Thanks Chris!