Hi Unbounce 

I have an idea that would make my life and others easier when organising landing pages. So, I have quite a few landing pages plus like to keep all of my old ones because they are good to reference to on both design and stats.

The thing is, it would be really useful to have sub-groups so for example I can file away old landing pages in the right section. We also create lots of replicants for PPC, social media and print campaigns so it would be nice to have them store away rather than all around the main template landing page.

It would make my interface much cleaner and easier to use.



Any updates about this functionality or using sub groups?


Hi Craig,

We are currently in validation phase of sort and filter. As previously mentioned, this is a big initiative so we’ve decided to tackle smaller features first. Are you looking for anything specific? 



Can’t speak for Craig but I’m simply looking for sub-folders to save my millions of pages in!


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for bringing this up. We are actually in the early stages of page management. When completed, it will include functionalities such as sort, filter and folder structure to name a few. I believe that having folders will solve your issue but since this is a big initiative, we will be launching it in different phases. We can keep you in the loop of any updates to this project.

For the meantime, I’ve seen some cases where the users create an archive group and just label old, unused landing pages with that. It won’t necessarily clean up the interface but at least you can use that for reference. 

Let me know if you have further questions.