Store Locator Map Script Not Working - Trying to Follow Jquery Instructions


I’m trying to follow these instructions ( for JLocator which I purchased and downloaded for my website which has a temporary url of:

The html block started to change and evolve, so I thought I was doing something right :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how much these instructions have to be changed for Unbounce. One thing I could not figure out is if there was a place to STORE JS FILES and follow the instructions it has to put their location in the header.  So I just put the whole JS code each in their own file JS script box with the placement set to “header” and the map html box seemed to take shape.

Is this correct?

However, after doing this, I still couldn’t get it to refer to the google JS url it wants me to list in the header.  When I refer to it… nothing seems to happen. If I visit the URL and place the whole code in the header, it just shows text on the website.

Thanks for your help!

(One other stupid question…sigh…is there a place to HOST images for use in things like js files? I of course know how to add images to elements in the page design… but how about images that are referred to such as in this map I’m trying to install such as the map icons)

(Sorry for the newbieness, just moved to unbounce from wix for the conversion and call tracking capabilities… which is working great the other unbounce pages I just created… but creating a map javascript isn’t as easy as adding a map app at wix, but I’m loving unbounce a lot more despite the fact)


Hi Vince, 
This look s like a pretty advanced JS question, so I’ll message a few Unbounce customers that know their way around some code to see if they can lend a hand. Hopefully we can help out!