Sticky bar not showing up on website


I’ve been trying to add a sticky bar to my friend’s website ( but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I put his domain into the URL targeting field and copy and pasted the code into the header.php file on his WordPress site (exactly as it says to do here:, but it doesn’t work. I tried messing around with the different triggers to see if it made a difference but still no luck.

It’s not working on either desktop or mobile…

Any troubleshooting ideas?

Thank you.


Some ideas to try:

Try installing the code with a different method. For instance, try Google Tag Manager. It’s free, and made for tags like this. You simply add the GTM code to every page of his site, and then from within the GTM interface you add the Unbounce script. Documentation is here:

Make sure the cache is clear on the WordPress site.

Also, can you screenshot the triggers you set in Unbounce? That might help troubleshoot.


Got it working! Just had to clear the cache. Thank you :slight_smile: