Spell Checking In Builder


Spell checking doesn’t work in the Unbounce builder currently. I think this is more of a problem then an idea - I see this as a big issue for developers.

Browsers have built-in spell checking so this shouldn’t be difficult, unfortunately in the builder this doesn’t work unless you select the text you have written and choose “source”. As a developer, I am focused on getting content out and not making sure I have spelled everything correctly. I don’t want to rely on copying and pasting everything over to a Word document.


Hi Ryan,

I can understand your frustration. The current way that we have implemented text editing and page building has limited the ways we can leverage in browser spell checking. The current system requires doing spell checking from within the application text editor.

We are looking at updating the entire text editing experience this year and as part of that project we will look at how spell check functions.


Hey Ryan - to add Paul’s response, the reason the in-browser spell check doesn’t work is because of the way the text editor renders text out as HTML on the fly, but there is a built-in web-powered spellcheck, so you don’t have to switch to the Source view: