Somebody changed position for lightbox?


Hello all!
My question…I would like change the position of lightbox when I press on some button.
How can I do that?
Thanks for help:)



Thank you very much, Hristian!
This is exactly what I need:)


Hi Geranya, 

You’ll have to adjust the CSS properties of your lightbox. 

If you are using the Unbounce lightbox you can do something like:

.ub-lightbox-open #ubpoverlay-wrap {

position: fixed;

top: 30px !important;

right: 0 !important;

bottom: 30px !important;

left: 0 !important;

margin: auto !important;

height: auto !important;

padding: 0;


By adjusting the pixels for top, right, bottom and left you can position your box anywhere you want. 

Keep in mind to always test your adjustments at different screen sizes and devices.