Some image assets will not display


cannot get background image or submit button to show after publishing - displays while editing -
deleted cache and cookies - tried different browsers - any ideas? thanks


Hey Steve - It looks like you’ve saved the changes to your page, but it hasn’t been republished yet. The save function saves the current state in the editor, but you’ll need to republish to push the change to your live page (we make this a two step process, so you’re able to have someone else review changes before they go live). On the Page Overview screen for that page, you’ll see a green “republish” button in the top right corner. Once you’ve republished everything should be a-ok.


THANKS ! – did that same result working with Justin Veenema in support her opened a ticket on this


We’re still working on this one internally, Steve! I’ll have an update for you soon enough. Thanks for your patience!



hey Justin any update please