Sitelink ad extension link to page sections in unbounce landingpages


I like to use sitelink ad extensions in AdWords that links to different page sections on my unbounce landingpes. Sections like “benefits” “customer review” “our process”…

how can I generate these links for each page section to integrate them in my AdWords Ad?

Thanks a lot for your support.

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Hey Danilo!

Each page section has it’s own ID. For example, this page section showcasing our furry mascot Jazz, is " #lp-pom-block-32". Simply add that tag to the end of your URL and the page should load at that section!

Sort of like this:

Let me know if that works!

p.s. that LP is still a work in progress :wink:


AdWords policies don’t allow sitelinks to link to the same URL, even if you link to different page sections or tabs within the same URL.

From the policies:

Each sitelink must point to different content:  We don’t allow two or more sitelinks in the same campaign or ad group to point to the same landing page or the same content. We also don’t allow sitelinks that direct to the same landing page as your ad uses. Here are some guidelines to help you make sure that your sitelinks point to different content:

  • Tabs on the same page count as the same page.

  • Links to anchors or fragment identifiers on the same page count as the same page.

  • We recommend that 80% of the content on a page be unique for that page to count as a different page.We’ve built multiple Unbounce pages and linked them together with a shared nav menu to simulate a microsite and bypass the AdWords restrictions.

That said, we’ve also done what you suggested and linked multiple Sitelinks to the same page without being flagged by Google. Test everything. #notsayingjustsaying


Interesting idea about simulating a microsite, Andrew! Tip of the cap :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your help!