Show Form Confirmation, Then Redirect


How do I accomplish all of the following with your form confirmation settings? It’s very confusing…

  1. Submit the form data
  2. Display the confirmation message as I set on the Form Confirmation Dialogue AND
  3. Redirect the person to the homepage after the two above are done?

I have read this 5 times>…

and it makes it sound like the form data isn’t submitted. 

help please.


Hi Bonnie - by default, Unbounce only gives options to serve the form confirmation dialog or go to another webpage when a form is submitted.

If you place this script in the javascripts panel in the edit page for your form confirmation dialog, you’ll be able to serve the confirmation and then redirect though.

You’ll just need to change to your homepage URL.

If you run into any issues with the set-up, send us an email at and we can troubleshoot for you.


Hi, this doesn’t answer the question unfortunately. User asked BOTH for the confirmation dialog and then a redirect :slight_smile:


Hi Pedro, 

As per Quinn’s answer, if you place the provided script on your confirmation dialog it will redirect the visitor after the set amount of time. 

First it will show the confirmation dialog and after that redirect to a web page of your choice. 



How long does it take to redirect to another page from the confirmation dialogue box? I submitted the code from the PayPal site into the spot you suggested in the scripts…is this correct?


Quinn’s script redirects within the form confirmation dialog window…


Cheers, it works alright :slight_smile:


This works for me, but it’s opening up the page it is redirected to in the same small window. Is it possible to have it open up in a full window instead? Thanks so much. 


Hi there, i have the same issue, is there a setting to open in another window?


Ditto!  Any answers on this?


Hi guys, 

You can modify the script to redirect inside the parent tab (the original landing page before the Thank You popup).

Automatically opening a brand new tab/window is really not advisable due to the way how browsers interpret these requests. 

To redirect in the parent tab just switch out the relevant part of the script with this:

    window.setTimeout(function() {, '_parent');    }, delay * 1000);   


Redirect parent after close of form submission lightbox

Hi folks, 
Originally, if you placed this script in the javascripts panel in the edit page for your form confirmation dialog, you’d be able to serve the confirmation and then redirect. You would just need to change to your homepage URL.

However, as Hristian noted, you would need to make a revision to the script

    window.setTimeout(function() {, '_parent');    }, delay * 1000);

You can find the revised version of this script here

Have two actions execute from button click

Thank you Quinn, Hristian and Justin. Works just as required.


This community is awesome! Just tried this on my page and it works great. Question - is there a way to carry over the appended data to the URL on redirect?


Thanks! When I try this in Chrome the request(popup) gets blocked.
Any work around for that?