Should I be using Unbounce?


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We want to create a landing page for an online business coming in three months. The purpose is to inform, generate interest, capture emails, and create an interested market. Given that we just need one page, is Unbounce the product I should be using? (I noticed some people on here ask for feedback on other platforms, such as Kickstarter, in this community).

Any feedback or direction would be appreciated!

Thank you.

Hi Sheelagh, welcome to the Unbounce community. Great question!

For me personally, when I first chose Unbounce, it was also for just one page to start with, and that soon expanded out into many more pages as my business grew. So yes, I think Unbounce can be a great solution for you, even if you just need one page, as long as you’re comfortable working with it. That is key. You want to pick the tool that is going to be the easiest to work with, and gives you all of the features you need.

A while back, I created a list of different areas to consider when choosing a landing page tool. Here they are:

I would review each tool you’re considering in these areas, and ultimately make a decision based on that. Of course, prioritize the areas that are most important for you.

In summary, Unbounce is an amazing product. I highly recommend starting a free trial if you haven’t already, just to get a feel for it. And if you’re looking for training on the topic, Unbounce provides lots of great resources, or you can check out my recently-updated course on Udemy if you really want to dig into it. :sunglasses:

Good luck and if any questions arise as you explore Unbounce in more detail, feel free to ask!