Setting up a Landing Page for multi-language browser detection


I have to setup a landing page for multilanguages. Example: people from Brazil must access the page in portuguese when they type my “” domain but people from Canada must access the page in English typing the same “” domain. I don’t mind if they are going to be re-directed to a “” domain. I just need to learn what is the best solution to do it using Unbounce. Thanks!


Hi Guilherme,

I looked into this a bit and it turns out there’s no reliable, cross-browser compatible method of determining the user’s language with JavaScript.

For some background, see:…

Instead, I’d recommend the more usual method of having either some small flag icons that users can click to be taken to a version of the page in another language, or possibly a dropdown.

Alternatively, if you’re driving SEO traffic to your landing pages, you could geographically target separate ads for each country. For example, an ad targeting Brazil might have a destination URL of and one targeting Canada might be

Hope that helps! If anyone in the community has thoughts on this, please chime in!


Thanks a lot. Is there any SEO advantadge on doing that alternative suggestion but using only the sub domains to indentify the language and without the complement after the “.com”? Example: related to the language here)

Thanks once again.