Send leads to 100+ different salespeople based on location criteria


Hello there Unbounce community !

We successfully created beautiful campaigns thanks to Unbounce. Only problem, we now have to redirect the leads to more than 100 different sales people depending on the area where the lead is located.

The town / address is required in the form and accurately populated 99% of the time so we’re almost there (using this awesome google address autocomplete scrip [Tips & Scripts] Google Address Autocomplete).

So here is my question, how can I email new leads to the right sales person ? Do you have any idea how I could handle that ? Should I use this [How-to] Send Leads to a Third Party Service with a Form Post ?
How do I had geographic criteria ? Any idea ?

Thank you in advance


One way to do it is with Zapier, using filters. However, you’d still need to set up a seperate zap for each salesperson. The filter for each zap would be different, based on the unique parameter for each. Once it’s up and running though, it shouldn’t take that much maintenance. Just an idea to consider if you don’t want to go the custom development route.

Or, depending on the CRM your team uses, you may be able to handle the sorting and filtering on the CRM’s side using a workflow/automation.


Hi @Clara_Simone,

What Nicholas said is right on point. Either Zapier or try to do it through the CRM.

The other route is a custom “routing” script.

In the past, I’ve developed a similar integration for a client but it was just 3 different sales agents and not a hundred.

As long as you have a clearly outlined table of what town/city needs to go to a particular sales person, you can create a script.



Did this exact same thing a few times @Clara_Simone.

Method #1: If you have your own CRM, feed all leads into that CRM and handle the routing from there. CRM routing mechanisms are the most powerful and robust.

Method #2: If you don’t have a CRM, sign up for Zoho CRM and feed all Unbounce leads into Zoho. Setup the lead routing rules on Zoho and use it’s email system to send real-time lead emails to the sales rep. This has the added advantage that the sales reps do not need to be using Zoho CRM.

Method #2 has always been our go to because sometimes clients use a proprietary CRM or an industry specific CRM with no webhooks or API entrances. Like some archaic financial CRMs. So we used Zoho as an interface/middle-man to do exactly what you want to do.


Thank you very much @Mark_H, I will test this solution promptly and will let the community know if it works :slight_smile: