Scrolling in Fancybox in Mobilview


Hi at Unbounce,
I tried playing around a bit with you mobile view, and it work really well, so good job :slight_smile:

I however came across one thins I cannot solve - How can I make a pop-up/fancybox scrollable?

Looking forward to hear from you.
// Rikke


Hi Jakob,

This is something that we’ve become aware of recently. I’ve made some changes to our lightbox script that will fix this issue and re-enable scrolling inside the lightbox on mobile devices.

So, please go to this support article:…, grab the new version of the script and use that on your page instead. Please bear in mind that you’ll need to make sure the selector ( #lp-pom-text-22 a ) matches what your old script was using.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have further questions.