Saving Doesn't Work Properly if the Text Editor is Open



  1. Open a page to edit
  2. Click on a text element to open the text editor.
  3. Click on the “Source” button in the text editor.
  4. Change some text.
  5. Click the “Save” button on the page.
  6. Click back to the page summary and click Republish.
    Expected behavior:
    The changes should have been published.

Alternative expected behavior:
If any changes in the text editor weren’t saved, it should warn me before navigating away from the page (like it usually does for unsaved changes).

Actual behavior:
The changes are not saved from the text editor. Yet, the Republish button mysteriously appears with no changes to publish. Usually if you saved a unmodified page, the Republish button wouldn’t appear.

Th** e frustrating part:**
I discovered this bug while trying to fix a typo on a few different pages. Given the actual behavior, I thought the typo was fixed, and moved on with my work. It wasn’t until a co-worker pointed out the error was still there that discovered the change wasn’t saved properly.


Yikes! This sounds annoying. I’ll get my tech team to dig into this first thing tomorrow morning. 

P.S.  Looks like someone aced the formatting 101 course. Thanks for making this post so clear and easy to read. Such a little thing, but it makes all the difference. For that, you get a gold star


Hey Phillip - I’m making you a ticket about this issue now so we can dig in and review what’s happening here. We might ask you a few questions so lookout for our replies!