Rube Goldberg couldn't have done better: Our landing pages and website need help!


We’re a small start-up with limited resources and both our website and landing pages need serious rework.

PROBLEM: We’re not sure where to begin.

Is this a chicken and egg story? If we revise our landing page so it’s good but then our website sucks, how much does that jeopardize the effectiveness of a good landing page?

QUESTION: How do you prioritize what to attack first if you can only do one thing at a time on a very limited budget?


I would recommend you create your landing pages without worrying about your website too much. Our unbounce landing pages are 2x as good as our website, reason being is it’s so easy to create visually appealing pages without having much resources. Also landing pages are where the consumer will buy your product/service, which will give you income to improve your website.

Take it one landing page at a time, watch all the unbounce tutorials and help videos and do your reading. Overtime you will optimise your conversion rate. 

Good luck!


what is your CTA?  if you can use phone or short form to drive leads then focus on LPs - if you have a complex product that needs web page support then you need to use both and this will take more time.


This idea of deciding based on the complexity of the product and the need for more in-depth information makes perfect sense. What are we trying to do and what do we need to support our efforts? Your answer is that that is what drives the decision between SP vs website. Context, not either or. Thanks!


Hi Deborah,

I’d be inclined to kill two birds with one stone… like this.

Wordpress website --> Unbounce landing pages published to it.

Focus on building good quality landing pages and A/B test to a reasonable conversion rate, publish these landing pages to your Wordpress website so that essentially you are improving both your website AND landing pages at the same time. Make them an integral part of your site and benefit from the better-performing landing pages across the board. 

AJ is right, however as with all start-ups on a limited budget, the priority is almost always getting leads, sales and customers, ultimately increasing revenue and cash flow. Having a pretty website is all great but not all good looking fancy websites generate business, in fact, a lot just simply don’t. I’m of the opinion that unless you’re running an information website virtually all pages on your site should be considered “landing pages” and should have the same conversion optimised principles applied. That way you’re looking after the heart of your business before making it look fancy. It’s easier to make a good performing landing page better looking than a good looking page that’s under-performing suddenly soar.

That’s just my approach not everyone will agree but to me it makes sense. 




Hey Deborah,

Are you buying traffic? If you’re running online campaigns I would immediately focus on building your landing pages out, if not, your risk wasting the majority of your PPC budget.

A website is still important as not all users convert on the first click. They may decide to look you up on Google after their first landing page visit.

To conclude, if you’re running paid campaigns absolutely make sure your are prioritizing the build of your LPs.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Stefano Apostolakos