Retain text formatting


When I copy plain text (stripped of all formatting) into a text box to replace the sample copy, the formatting is gone, and it is copied in as plain text. So, I need to write down what the previous formatting was and reformat it every time. It would be great if the formatting was retained.

This will be extremely problematic for our company which would like to create a lot of landing pages, and have interns or non-designers populate new information into each new page, using the first one I created as a master template.


Hey Mark

When you paste in text it tries to retain any formatting carried over. If not it will paste it in with some defaults. To get around this you can click ‘source’ in the text editor and paste in your text between the span tags. The span tags are where the styling is applied so any text inserted between will render the same style.

Hope that helps!


+1 for Mark. Copying plain text should be using the same formatting as the text that is already in the box.
Johnny, how do we change the default of a text box then? Most of the time, I only use one format in a text box. I wish the default would be automatically set to whatever we pick as format for the first character, or something like that.