Responsiveness on every screen size?


Hi, how can I get a fully responsive page on any screen? For now, it only responses well on screen sizes selected on the “page>geometry” area(1920px and 320px), and respons very badly on every other screen size. for further investigation: / thanks!


Hey there!  Tried to check out your link, but it would not load.  This topic was brought up recently and seems to be related to the number and triggers for the break points.  I do not believe there is a solution currently.  Hopefully support can shed some light further :-) 

Best of luck,



Hi there!

I also tried to load up your page to take a look, but it looks like things aren’t published yet. I would love to take a look to see exactly what you’re referring to. I have access to a Macbook Pro with retina screen, as well as a 24" UHD monitor… hopefully that’s a big enough range to understand where your pain points are. 

Let us know once you’ve republished!