Replicate Unbounce Form functionality with Custom Form


How do I replicate an unbounce form’s functionality with a custom form? Basically, I have a form I created with custom javascript validation, and I want it to do whatever unbounce forms do upon submit (including that fancy modal with a confirmation message). I’m new to the service so excuse my ignorance if this is totally obvious. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Ryan - the form confirmation dialogue’s tied to the Unbounce form, so while you could trigger a lightbox to serve a confirmation page in, you won’t be able to serve up the confirmation pages built into Unbounce, since if you don’t have an Unbounce form on your page, the editor won’t let you edit that form confirmation dialog at all.

You also won’t be able to feed your form data into the Unbounce lead database, though you can use our External Conversion Tracking to trigger a conversion.

What sort of custom validation are you adding via that form? It might be possible to add that validation to an Unbounce form, rather than coding an external one from scratch.