Replacing our website with an Unbounce page



We are in the process of updating our corporate website… but in the meantime we would like to replace our existing 3-page website with one (much more focused) Unbounce page. 

We currently have a page using a subdomain (, which we’ll continue to use for our landing pages connected to different campaigns. Now we would like to create a page for our main domain (which is currently occupied by a custom built site) at

Here’s my plan: 

  1. Add a new domain for to our unbounce account. (I’m assuming that each domain or subdomain counts as a separate domain.)
  2. Edit the CNAME record for to point to per
  3. Create new page to use domain.

Is there anything tricky related to updating our main domain to point to an unbounce page? There are a few few backlinks pointing to our domain, but none of the sub-pages. Additionally, we’re not worried about SEO because our current page doesn’t rank very well. Our unbounce landing page is more concise and more focused than our old site – thus the update. 

Any gotchas I need to look out for the conversion from custom-built site to unbounce page on existing domain?