Replace Squarespace site with unbounce?


BACKGROUND: I currently have a very simple brochureware-type site that I built with Squarespace ( There’s one simple call to action on the homepage to sign up for an email list. I’d love to use unbounce for the homepage in order to test sign-up conversion. The templates are beautiful, and would be a huge improvement.

QUESTION: I’m unclear about how I would integrate the unbounce page with the rest of the site though. Can I re-create the navigation links (about us, FAQs, contact us, etc.) in the unbounce landing page. Alternatively, can I replace my squarespace site entirely with unbounce?


Hmm, I don’t think this is really something that fits the Unbounce model. Have you looked at VWO/


so people use unbounce to create a landing page, and don’t give visitors the option of navigating to other sections of their site?


That’s the main use-case. You could add navigation to other parts of your site but experience shows that this distracts visitors and actually reduces your conversion rate.


yeah, that’s interesting. I’m not convinced the other pages of my site are that useful, so may try to go with one simple landing page with unbounce. thanks Jerome.