Recipient announcement! [So You Think You Can Convert]


Back in March, we announced our first round of So You Think You Can Convert, a contest where two of our @Unbounce-Experts work their magic and each create a new variant of an Unbounce landing page, and the page that converts the most after one month WINS!

Before anyone asks, yes, the recipient of this competition wins thousands of dollars worth of professional design and conversion optimization… For free. I’m happy to announce, the recipient of this contest is @andreasobel!

Andreas is the Head of Inbound & PPC Marketing at eloomi, a software company based in Denmark which offers a tool that simplifies skill training and continuous performance improvement in an organization. And despite the fact that Andreas offered cake as a bribe, he was picked entirely randomly.

We met with Andreas and his Chief Design Officer, Klaus to go over the details of the upcoming contest and gather all of the necessary information to properly run this contest, and to make sure he knew what my favourite kind of cake is.

The two competing experts are @Joe_Savitch and @Hristian, read more about their specialities here.

Stay tuned for our next update on Friday June 8th when we announce the results of So You Think You Can Convert! :spinbounce:


I’m curious what the winning score was and if they counted number of conversions or conversion percentage. In any case, great job @andreasobel