REALLY Dumb Question on tracking


I’ve gotten feedback that people going to therapist websites want to see more about them. I’ve thought about have a link to an “about me” page on my regular website, but I’m concerned about moving away from the strict landing page dogma that it should be highly tied to your google ad campaign.

Any feedback on what people think about allowing links to the regular website and what it might do to conversions?
Should I do an A/B test on this?
Is there a way to track people once they’ve left my landing page to see if they just fall out of the funnel or engage my CTA?


Having your visitor focused on one thing helps with conversion rates. I like your “strict landing page dogma” comment! I feel people just don’t have that much attention span these days.

If you’re considering A/B testing in Unbounce then I would indeed add your content of about me in a landing page variation. Copy your first version and add your copy. Therefore they wouldn’t have to leave and stay on track to click your actual CTA.

Yes, if you’re using Google Ads and Analytics you can track. I checked you landing page and I don’t believe you have tracking on your CTA’s since I believe it does take them to a third party page to schedule?