Re-submitting landing page form


Hi, I’m creating a calculator with Unbounce (at least trying to) thing is, I need to do some validations before the data is submitted as a lead, but when I click the CTA it is automatically submitting the form, so what I did was to unbind the click of the CTA and then use the preventDefault function.

My mission is to do all the validations I need and then when all the validations are clear, to submit the data to unbounce as a lead. Here’s the code.


// deletes unbounce-added submit function:

lp.jQuery(’#lp-pom-button-17’).click(function(e) {




My question is, how can I “re-submit” the landing page form, I’m using
$(’#lp-pom-form-16 form’).unbind(‘submit’).submit();

But it’s not working.

Also tried simply
$(’#lp-pom-form-16 form’).submit();

And still nothing.


Hi there, 

Are you trying to validate against an external database?

It would be helpful to know what type of validations you are trying to run. 



Hi Hristian, no database involved, I’m trying to validate the form fields, for example that the minimum age is 18 and the maximo is 80…

I ended up working around the form by adding another button, validating everything when that button is clicked, hidding the form CTA and only showing it after everything that I need to validate is validated with the second button.

But if you know way where I can do everything with just 1 button would be nice to learn how.


I think you are overdoing it a bit if you are not checking an external database. 

There is a similar thread here in the community that has a lot of examples of scripts you can use, including a recent response from me on how to go about validating an age. 

Take a look when you get a chance.