Programming GA Conversion Using Script to Capture Mobile Click-to-Call


I am trying to develop a mobile landing page. My main CTA/conversion are phone calls. I want to be able to use a button in the designer and then have the onclick push an event to Google Analytics so that I can record the conversion, etc. I know that I need to use a script for the landing page to respond to the onclick event and push the data to Google, but haven’t been able to make it work. Can somebody walk me through the scripting to get this to happen.

Here is what I have attempted so far…

  1. Installed Google Analytics script in the LP header using the scripts feature.
  2. Found the button name (lp-pom-button-34) by viewing source after I published the page.
  3. Wrote the following script in the header using the scripts feature to respond to the onclick…

When I test, the data is not getting pushed to GA, but there isn’t a scripting error either.

Any help is appreciated.