Problem: Integrations with GTM, Adwords conversion track, facebook pixel and unbounce. (help)


Conversions will work If I have Adwords Conversion Track and facebook Pixel (lead ) within GTM and put this code in unbounce form confirmation? Or unbounce does not identify the conversions if they are in the GTM ?

Please help


I am not sure I fully understand the question. If you are using GTM and not the javascript manager in unboucne you need to set the trigger in GTM to starts with: a-form_confirmation.html or contains: form_confirmation.html

That will fire a tag (adwords or facebook etc) anytime the form confirmation dialog pops up. If you have the form confirmation as a separate url you would need to use that url.

Hope that helps!


The process I did was put the codes facebook pixel (lead) and adwords conversion track within the GTM. In GTM I put:

  • Tag: adwords - triggers: contains form_confirmation.html
  • Tag: facebook pixel (lead) - Triggers: contains form_confirmation.html

After I put the GTM code in javascript form confirmation.

My question is if this works because I have not found any documentation on these integrations within the unbounce.

Is correct?

Thank you for your help


That sounds correct… did you use the preview and debug mode in GTM to confirm that you were seeing the tags firing? that’s the best way (the chrome extension is good for recordings too) to make sure your tags are working.

To my knowledge, there is no official unbounce google tag manager thread… probably not a bad idea to have one.

If you need help post the link to the page and I’ll try to take a look.


In chrome I downloaded the extension facebook pixel helper and assistant tag to see if the codes are correct. Apparently there are no mistakes, but it is difficult to validate a lead by facebook or lead by adwords to see if it is really working.

So I wanted to know if what I did is right.

I agree with you. The unbounce could have a topic or blog post explaining all this integration


Those chrome extensions are good… but you need to go into preview and debug in GTM and make sure the tags are firing on the pages you want them to fire on.

To answer your question, it appears as though what you did is exactly right.

Good luck! 


Thanks for you help!