Problem Inserting Remarketing Code


I am wanting to implement the Adwords remarketing code accross my landing pages but am having some problems.

I could only find one thing on here about remarketing and I dont think it was related to my issue.

I added the code in a javascript box which I think is right?

But when I used the tag assistant plugin in Chrome it came up with the attached screenshot error message. I tried deleting it and doing it again but still came up with the same error.

Also just to check, do I still leave my original analytics code and add the remarketing? Or do I replace the analytics code with the remarketing?

Hope that makes sense.

The page I have tried to put it on is




Hey Dez - I checked your page now using the same chrome extension and it’s showing both your tags with no errors.

Perhaps it just needed some time to kick in.

As for whether or not you should be keeping both the Analytics and remarketing tag: I would leave in both as they serve different purposes and can co-exist together just fine.


Thats very strange because when i check it now its not even seeing the remarketing code, i tried removing the paragraph from Google at the top of the code as I had seen somebody mention on a post here before but its not even seeing it now just the analytics code?


Hey Dez - Both are still showing up just fine for me. Can you try checking the validation through Google Adwords to see if Google sees it as active? See this article below on where this can be found on your Adwords account.…


@Johnny: I am getting this error.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Make sure to wrap your script with: 


Thanks I thought something looked off.  Much appreciated.