Pricing Landing Page


You know I’ll always be suggesting features that probably doesn’t fit with your primary use case, but go take a look at your Pricing page. It’s gorgeous, and that page is one that almost every web startup has to come up with. I would LOVE to be able to grab a template looking like that and build a landing page.


Hey Derek,
It is a little edge case like you say - and while not the typical standalone landing page concept that we are trying to provide a solution for, it’s a really interesting idea so I’m going to give it some thought to see if there’s a realistic use case in there. I have some ideas.

Thanks as always.


Combined with the ability to track different button/link clicks this could work very nicely. But as you say, Oli, it does stray away quite a bit from the kind of setup you’re currently offering.

+1; would be nice to have!


I would use a pricing page template like this, for sure.


I agree. A pricing landing page would be highly useful to split test.


A great example:

The entire user flow there may as well have been done on Unbounce.

Haha…looks like I created a bit of a customer desire here!


Nice example Derek.
We’re going to be looking at the whole startup/entrepreneur template concept really soon and this will be on the list.


I agree, I’d use this feature. Maybe more generic though. Rather than specifically a pricing grid, perhaps a comparison grid?


Good idea for a second new template type idea (the comparison page)


i like the idea too - it’s even possible to implement it today on an unbounce page, the only thing that is missing is some standard javascript call we can do such as _ub.goal(1) for pricing option 1, call _ub.goal(2) for pricing option 2, etc. You can then show multiple conversion % in the backend, one for each pricing option.

an added benefit is that if we then embed some form from wufoo or some other service, or a paypal button, we can call the _ub.goal() function in an onsubmit handler for example, and register the conversion in unbounce, rather than only supporting conversion through the submit of an unbounce form.


This still on a drawing board somewhere? :slight_smile:


this still on a drawing board somewhere?


Hey Derek,
Yeah it is, unfortunately templates got bumped back a bit.
I can confirm now that we’ve slotted templates into our Q2 roadmap (April-June).


+1 for this ideas dshanahan.

@Orli – any update on this?


Hi Aron,
We are still planning new templates but it’s more likely to be late summer now.
Sorry for the delays on this guys - still high on our list.


I’d use this as well as a comparison page and possibly pricing


Awesome! And right on time.


Sweet! They look great - especially this one:…


Nice. How can I get started with both to do some a/b testing for our free online backup service?


Very Nice!