Present lead information in the order that the form is captured


Any chance to present the lead information in the order that it’s captured? Specifically, why are the emailed leads in a different field order than they are on the page? Also the same case in the CSV export, really annoying =\


Hi Vitaliy,
As you point out, currently there is no relationship between the order your fields appear in your page and the order in which they appear in the email notification or “View Leads” list.

This is a great idea though - I am going to change this thread from a “problem” to an “idea” so that we can keep it on our list and let others pipe in if it’s something they would like to see as well.

Thanks for the feedback,


When I receive an email notice of someone visiting one of my landing pages, why isn’t the criteria that they fill out in the SAME order as it was on the landing page? When I have a page with a lot of criteria - this would be a BIG help.

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Wow this should be a really simple fix couple lines of code . Two years and nothing . Hate to have to move to another company over such a basic thing