Possible bug with lead gen background color


My lead gen background color is not changing. When I load the page in a preview, I can see it for a split second, then it reverts to the standard blue background. Is this a bug?


Hey Ryan,
I’m taking a look at your page right now. I’m looking at a preview of your C page with the dark background behind the lead gen form and it’s looking ok to me.

Is the dark bg what you are referring to? Or are you trying to change the blue stripe that holds the form?



Hi Oli, I’m trying to change the blue stripe to a green color to match our logo. It’s set to #9bb548, but that is not the color being displayed.

BTW, I love your infographics :slight_smile:


Aah right, the area behind the form has a gradiant background image (tiled horizontally).

If you select that area, then click on “Background Image” and select none - the image will disappear and your color will show through.

We have an improved UI for the sidebar properties area which will be coming out in a few weeks - which should make this much clearer.

Glad you are liking the infographics :slight_smile: New one coming soon.


perfect! thanks!!!