Possible Bug in Text Editor with Delete Key


Experiencing bug in text editor, can replicate. I’m using Chrome on an iMac.

When I’m typing in the text editor and I paste text into the editor, the interface seems to then consider the text object above the selected object for the purposes of the backspace/delete key, even though I’m still typing and editing down below.

What happens is if I hit the backspace/delete key, it doesn’t backspace/delete within the text editor window, it deletes the actual text object above that I’m working on and closes the text editor below.

To recover, I hit command-Z and most of the time the object comes back and it has saved the edits I made up to the point of hitting the backspace/delete key. This may not be the only way to trigger the problem, but it’s the one I know that I can replicate.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Edit: I want to add one more thing. I can tell when this has happened because when I’m still in the text editor and I hit any of the up, down, left, right arrows on my keyboard, they no longer move the cursor in the text editor, they are moving the selected text object above.


Hi Joe,

Thank you for reporting this and taking the time to detail the issue!

We are looking into it but have not yet been able to reproduce the issue. Would you be able to provide us with some additional information? Perhaps what actions you performed prior to pasting the text into the Text Box, or what the copied text has (if any).


I’ve got some other things going right now, but the next time I’m in the landing pages making changes I’ll try to gather more info for you and I’ll post it in this thread.


I think I may have caught how it happens.

If I’m editing a lot of text objects in succession, I don’t always click the “close” button after each edit because I’ve learned that if I simply single-click the next text object in the canvas area that I want to edit, it automatically saves the text object that I was working on and keeps the edit window open, replacing what was there with the html source of the object I just clicked on.

The only difference is, even though I can type in the edit window, it’s the object up on the canvas that is still selected for the purpose of the arrow keys and the delete key. So, if I select some text that I want to delete and hit delete, it deletes the text object from the canvas above.

When I click “close” when finished editing the prior text object, and then double-click on the text object I want to edit next, everything is fine.

This may not be the only way I can reproduce this. I’ll keep trying and will send more examples if I find them.


Very helpful! We have now narrowed down the issue thanks to the information you provided.

It is related to how the focus is handled when changing between text boxes while editing the html source. We have filed a bug report and will hopefully get a fix out soon. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. double-click a text object
  2. click on the “source” button to edit the html
  3. now select a different text object on the screen… the HTML source view should still be open
  4. click inside the text-editor window and start typing
  5. hit backspace/delete

For now you’ll have to close & re-open the text editor whenever you are editing the html source in order to avoid this issue. Thank you for reporting this!


I think as long as you make sure to toggle out of “Source” mode before you click away to another text element, that should work as well.