Pop Up Script Communications


I need this unbounce pop up script (First Script): <script src=“https://ff101c14664f40dfbd999d2f7c6e6381.js.ubembed.com” async></script>

to communicate with this (second Script): <script type=“text/javascript” async=“true” id=“adacadoPixel” src="//pixel.adacado.com/1001963?segment=test&consent=&zipcode=ZIPCODE_PLACEHOLDER"></script>

so that when the zip code entered into the pop up script (first script) matches the zip code in the corresponding script (second Script) it will activate the (second script) corresponding script which is an advertisement pixel. Otherwise if the zip in tee the (first script) doesnt match the zip in the (second script) it will not display the (second Script) pixel advertisement.

Any advise in appreciated. Thank you