Please give feedback

Unbounce shows over 2200 visit on this page for the past 3 days while google analytics is showing about 700
however, we have had 0 Zero conversion
we just created a second variant with a 50% split, starting today with a different page 1 topic and page 2 header text
We appreciate all the inputs
the hints, page is advertised to targeted audience
average page view is less than 10 seconds

Hey @solarit

This page leaves me asking so many questions. Unfortunately my feedback is pretty negative.

Honestly it just doesn’t look professionally done and when I think of installing solar power for my home. “Clean” , “readable”, and “innovative” is what comes to my mind. But this landing page looks spammy with objects out of alignment, all caps font, and exaggerated claims. Most of what I suggest changing is related to design though.

:one: Give all your objects and sections more space. There is a lot of information and it’s hard to read.

:two: Don’t center justify all the text areas. Content in a paragraph is easier to read when left-justified. Typically titles an headings are center-justified.

:three: There is text over images and it’s almost impossible to read. Think about the purpose an image serves, it should be to illustrate a point. Unless it’s a meme it probably doesn’t need text in it.

:four: “Best home improvement secret that pays you” This is scam/click-bait language. An easy way to lose trust.

:five: Too many calls to action. What should a user click? The sticky-bar? The pop-up? By the way, the pop-up has a great calendar in it. Why isn’t that on the page?

I’ll keep it to five points. There is more I could say, like using those brand colors in the logo instead, cause the logo looks sleek and the page does not. It’s mismatched for me.

Trademark for organic electricity, really? Is that a trademarked phrase?