PHP includes’, ‘jQuery content includes’ ‘iframes’ to serve library items

There does not seem to be any shared library functionality in Unbounce.

If I need to be able change one detail in a common element like a link in a header or footer. I have to copy and paste the change or the changed section across multiple pages manually which is time consuming and prone to error if I have a lot of pages.

What Unbounce really needs is the ability to develop a section in isolation and then save it as a library item which can then be placed as an instance on multiple pages. Then if an update is required it can just be done once to the master library item and all the pages that contain instances of that item will automatically update.

Apparently Unbounce is developing a ‘global items’ functionally that will resolve this.

In code similar results can be achieved with ‘PHP includes’, ‘jQuery content includes’ and even ‘iframes’. Has anyone tried to implement any of these solutions in Unbounce as a workaround?