Phone tracking using Adwords on unbounce variant, how can I do that?


I’m doing phone tracking with adwords campaign, I set up all the javascripts and code needed to replace the phone number with google call forwarding number and it’s working great, but on unbounce I can’t see which of the variation are converted.


Hi Serge,

I’m not sure what your asking, do you want unbounce conversion counter to increase when someone calls you via clicking or dialing the phone number provided in the landing page? Or is it Adwords that isn’t registering it as a conversion?

I’m looking into this myself for a client so working on this kind of thing at the moment. As far as I can see it won’t register a conversion on unbounce unless you can trigger the thank you page as well. I might be wrong as it’s my first dip into this but I think if that’s the case the easy work around would be forwarding the person who clicked to call to a thank you page that triggers an unbounce conversion, as for people who just dial or copy and paste I’m not sure we can influence the unbounce conversion counter for that variant.

I hope I’m making sense and I’ve not missed the point, but that’s where I’m at with it atm.

Be interesting to see if anyone has call forwarding counted for conversions on that variant and how it’s been done. Anyone else done this yet?




Hey there Serge, Helen from Unbounce here! I’d like to dig into this with you one-on-one, so I’m creating a service support ticket for you and will be in touch by email shortly!