Phone number validation still not working


I just don’t understand why it still only allows US Number Validation. There are other countries in the World.

This is causing us a lot of grief!

We are in Australia and we are just feeling all alone and neglected down here.

Please help!!


This is still not working???


Hey Ben Ñ I’m sorry we made you sad! We totally acknowledge that there are more countries in the world which is why a lot of our development time recently has been spent behind the scenes on infrastructure work and cleanup. The goal is to have page servers all around the world so that your published pages in Australia can be super fast.

While I know that doesn’t solve your problem with form validations, hopefully you can understand that we value our international customers and want to build a scalable product. That being said, I am trying to fast-track this validation issue so that we can have some kind of solution to you in the near future. I’ll keep this thread updated with progress.


try this javascript, you will love it :


Hey Maxime, try wrapping your code in an opening and closing “code” element.


As a premium user I’d also like this.

Unbounce Devs,
As a member in a startup that enables this for Japan users I’d recommend you try our Web API :slight_smile:


Hey guys, just want to get some feedback from you. How concerned are you with how strict our validation is? In other words, do you want to make sure any number *outside* of Australia (for example) is not valid? Or are you happy with a validation type that essentially ensures the input value consists of at least 6 numbers (no more than 12) and allows common characters like plus signs, brackets and spaces.

We are exploring a couple of options here, just looking to see what you guys think. Thanks!


we need one that will allow validation for Australian Mobile Phones and Landlines

so that is 2 different formats. If we can achieve this in JS then that is fine- but how do we do this?


Hey Maxime…please share :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
We’ve rolled out support for validating phone numbers in forms as either:

  • North American (our default Ñ same as it’s always been)

  • United Kingdom (allows either mobile or landline UK numbers)

  • Australian (allows either mobile or landline Australian numbers)

  • Generic (ensures that the form value has between 6 and 12 numerical digits and allows for special characters like plus signs and brackets)

To get this validation type, make sure you use a “Phone Number” field type in the form builder:

This should give you the validation options next to the field:

We realize this doesn’t help all of our international customers, but hopefully it’s a significant improvement for a lot of you. Would love to hear any feedback you have so that we can look to make it better in the future.