Phone call external conversion



I’d like to trigger unbounce conversions from a call tracking service ( I saw you provide a script to trigger a conversion (…) but I don’t think it’s usable as in my case the conversion isn’t triggered by visiting a page from the client side.

My workflow is easy : the call to action is a phone number itself, so it requires no other action from the client than just calling.

How can I track this external conversion ?


Hi David, so sorry we’ve not gotten an answer to you sooner!

You’re correct in that our external tracking script won’t work in your case. However, if you’re looking to do something custom, you can use our API to record leads and trigger conversions. Here’s the most relevant documentation:…

Just be sure to set the ‘conversion=true’ option to mark your submitted lead as a conversion (so it gets counted in your statistics).

You’ll also want to check out some of the API basics here:

Do you have an existing Unbounce account? I wasn’t able to find one under your name. Just let us know and we’ll enable API access for you (it’s currently not available to everyone quite yet).

Hope that helps you get headed in the right direction!



I d like also to use the api for Phone Conv, could you help me getting there?



Awesome! Thanks for being generous and sharing this with our community David! Excited you found a savvy solution that works for you.


Hey David,

Thanks for this.
Two questions:

  • Why do you need to gather the UB cookie information and merge it into a custom variable?
  • On CTM, do you use the ‘start’ or ‘end’ webhook position call?
    Is that data (UB cookie) mandatory for you to ping the UB API URL and say “I had a conversion!”? 

Thank you


Hi, it’s a long time I have been doing this so I can’t remember exactly.

However I just made some screenshots of the scripts and the general workflow.

See here



Hi David!

Thank you so much for generously uploading this with steps. I will use it and let you know if it works out well.




Thanks so much for sharing this! 


By the way I ended up without using the API because it’s useless to trigger conversions (at least there wasn’t such feature the last time I looked at it).

To be very short, I gather the UB cookie with javascript, I put it into my calltracking cookie in a custom variable. Then on the calltracking side (for me it’s I trigger a webhook on my external web server and pass the previous variables to my php script.

The php will finally call the URL’s you’ll find here… with the corrects parameters.